Slot Machine Glossary For Beginners

To understand a casino game with more ease, what could be more judicious than to familiarize yourself with the different terms attached to it? As a gentleman that we are, we have taken the trouble to compile a glossary for our players (and those who would like to become one), which includes the most commonly used terms in the world of online slots. 

In addition to helping you improve your theoretical knowledge, the links on this page will redirect you, if necessary, to the rules and strategic advice that govern this magnificent game that captivates millions of players around the world. Make yourself comfortable and take the trouble to go through the different terms associated with slot machines. You will certainly not regret the time you devote to reading this page! 

10 Most Used Terms in Slots

Action – This term refers to the total amount of money a player has wagered in a given period. This information is generally visible on the membership card of a game club for most players who officiate in a land-based casino.

Penguin Bandit – Slang term used to designate slot machines because of their lateral lever and their caricatured reputation for robbing players.

Reels – The earliest slot machines consisted of narrow metal reels on which the various symbols appeared. As soon as these rotating reels come to a standstill, the combination of symbols obtained determines whether or not the player’s victory and the amount of his compensation. The more reels the machine has, the more difficult it will be for the player to get the so hotly coveted jackpot. 

Carousel – Slot machine group. 

Slot Machine Category – This refers to the type of slot machine you are playing on. Traditional slot machines, progressive slots or bonus machines are categories among many others 

Winning Combination – Winning grouping of symbols on a pay line.

Low Volatility – Machines with low volatility are likely to generate more ‘hits,’ but they will be of lower value than those with high volatility. 

Fill – Bag of tokens used to fill a hopper.

  Bonus Features – These are bonuses that can be unlocked during a slot game. They help improve the gameplay and allow the player to benefit from free spins or additional winnings. 

Hit Frequency – This expression refers to the frequency with which a hit is made on a slot machine based on the number of games played and the winning combinations involved. Although the slot machine is based exclusively on the absolute chance, some players take note of the frequency of hits of a particular slot machine in the hope of optimizing their chances of winning.

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